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Our Friends

There's a saying in milling, "It's all grist to the mill". We interpret this to mean that everything can be made useful. A variation on this is "all's grist that comes to his mill", meaning that the miller in question can make something positive out of anything that comes along.

We like to think that everyone and everything that comes to the Mill can contribute something to what we do, adding a bit of flavour and texture to the blend.

In the development of the Mill and our flour we have met some fascinating and creative people, along with many companies who we love to count as our friends. We think that you will love them too...

We are currently developing this area of the website, so if you’re a friend of the Mill and would like to feature here, please email us at enquiries@shipton-mill.com. We are particularly keen to hear from any farm shops or independent retailers who stock our flour. If you have a stockist local to you please let us know.