We mill a wide range of specialist flours from both organic and conventionally grown grains, carefully crafted to help you achieve the best results. In addition, we mill a wide range of gluten-free flours.
For Trade Account inquiries, reach out to us at 01666 505050, email enquiries@shipton-mill.com. We're here to assist in choosing the perfect flours for your needs.

Flour Created with Integrity

The grain ground at Shipton Mill provides flours that are unsurpassed in texture and flavour and have built a well earned reputation among professionals, artisans and home-bakers all over the country. We do not support the use of any enzyme or preservatives in our flour as we want to keep it as natural as possible.

Provenance is Key

It is our pride to source exceptional grains, both home grown varieties (such as Maris Widgeon) and offerings from agricultural lands all around the world. We actively promote the cultivation of rare and speciality grains. This is not a commercial decision as the returns are far too small. We believe in the need to preserve and retain varieties that are not readily available, and to promote the genetic diversity that such crops, and their sympathetic farming methods, engender. In keeping with today’s requirements, we supply both stoneground and roller milled flours.