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Welcome to Shipton Mill where we mill a wide range of organic flour.

At Shipton Mill, there is more to us than just being a speciality miller of organic flour. We have a deep-seated belief in how we do what we do, as much as making sure that what we do, we do better than anybody.

By really understanding our grains, the flour we make and its application, we can help you to achieve truly magnificent loaves, cakes and pastries.

Gluten Free

Great news - our baking courses are now able to resume!!

We are very pleased we are able to be baking with you again, and now have dates to book up through the year.

Spaces are limited for the time being, so please direct enquiries and bookings to the office on 01666 505050

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The Miller's Daughter

The Miller's Daughter

The Miller’s Daughter is a personal insight into life at Shipton Mill, written by Tess, the daughter of our founder, John Lister. This blog takes you behind the scenes to the kitchen, where you'll find mouthwatering recipes featuring homegrown ingredients from our garden (and of course, a dusting of flour!).

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Best sellers

“A Handful of Flour” will take you through the properties and characteristics of many of the beautiful and diverse flours available, accompanied by recipes and practical notes on how to use them – putting our passion for milling grains into practice!.....

Our bread proving baskets (bannetons) are made from sustainable birchwood cane or rattan. They are used for the fermentation of the dough and forming bread loaves. Prepare the basket by dusting it with flour, then put the dough in the basket and leave to rise. The small basket is suitable for making 500g loaves, the large basket is suitable for making 1kg loaves.

This grade of flour is renowned in Italy for being the very best type for pizza and pasta doughs. In keeping with tradition, we use only a fraction of the whole wheat berry when milling our type 00, in order to create an exceptionally fine.....

We mill our soft cake and pastry flour from English organic wheat. The climate provides excellent growing conditions for soft wheats, which are perfectly suited to...

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What's new in Baking?

A delicious strawberry tart (but it works with most fruit), and a trick to help keep the pastry shell from going soggy!

Roti - pronounced as roa(r) tee is an Indian flatbread which is a great accompaniment to Indian currys and dhals A cast iron tava or gridle is used to cook the rotis. If not available, then any pan could be used

A rich fruity bread as an alternative to a Christmas cake, but also good at any time.

Crusty wholesome loaf , great with soups and cheeses and tomatoes next day with lots of butter and homemade marmalade .

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Fun recipes from Shipton Mill

Perfect Sourdough Loaf from Shipton Mill's Head Baker, Chris Holister

Quick, easy and delicious - what's not to like?