Welcome to Shipton Mill, the home of regenerative organic flour

Our flours are for all bakers and cooks, united by their passion for good foods.

Our Philosophy

We started Shipton Mill in 1979, to mill flours from the most fantastic grains, working from day one with like-minded farmers who promote biodiversity and who value and seek to look after the soil.

A key part of the miller’s work is the selection of the very best grains, working alongside nature and what the climate and seasons can offer and using their skills to grind and blend those varieties providing bakers with consistently excellent and reliable results.

The Miller’s Daughter

The Miller’s Daughter is a personal insight into life at Shipton Mill

Written by Tess, the daughter of our founder, John Lister. This blog takes you behind the scenes to the kitchen, where you'll find mouthwatering recipes featuring homegrown ingredients from our garden (and of course, a dusting of flour!).