The Wonder Of Oats: Guide to oats & how to use them

The Wonder Of Oats: Guide to oats & how to use them

Oats are amazing wholegrains containing certain health benefits. They are a good source of calcium as well as being high in protein. Oats are also recognised as being able to help maintain healthy cholesterol levels as well as containing antioxidants. Oats contain beta-glucans, which can decrease the body's rate of starch digestion to keep blood sugar levels steady.

The different types of oats explained:

WHOLE OAT GROATS: This is the oat grain in its intact form. The hull has been removed, but other than that, the kernel is intact (bran, endosperm, and germ). The texture of oat groats is similar to rice or barley. Groats should be cooked, as they are more easily digestible if you do so. Because they’re so unprocessed, they take the most time to soften.

ORGANIC JUMBO OATS : Rolled oats milled from the whole grain for a chunky texture, these are ideal for porridge, overnight oats, and Bircher muesli. They are also great for flapjacks, granola and coating the outside of loaves. 100% British wholegrain.To cook them for porridge simply add half a pint of water (or milk) to 40 grams of jumbo oats and heat gently for 6 or 7 minutes, stirring to prevent them from sticking.

ORGANIC PINHEAD OATS: Pinhead oats haven’t been rolled at all. Having removed the husk from the groat, each one is cut into 2 or 3 parts, making a coarse "pinhead" oat. Pinhead oatmeal is nutritious because it still has the bran attached. Perfect for porridge, you can soak them overnight and then cook them slowly the next day for a truly delicious breakfast. These pinhead oats are also a great way to add texture to your bakes and dishes. We sometimes  blend them with jumbo oats when making bircher muesli for textural contrast.

GLUTEN- FREE OAT FLOUR: Oat flour is simply oats milled to a fine texture and has a similar and subtle flavour to oats when used in porridge or bread. A lovely short flour, this will add a great texture to cookies and bread mixes, or pancake batters.The flavour of oat flour can be used successfully in both sweet and savoury dishes and to thicken soups and stews.Try teaming this flour with another short flour - e.g. white rice - and a small amount of binder such as guar gum to make an excellent base for gluten-free tray bakes. Our oat flour is certified as Gluten-Free.

ORGANIC OATMEALOatmeal can be available in various grades, from pinhead to rolled, crushed or super-fine. Our organic “medium oatmeal for biscuits” is milled from whole groats to make a medium-coarse oatmeal flour. It is designed to be used in biscuits such as oatcakes, but can also be blended into breads. Our medium oatmeal is delicious added to crumble toppings or in biscuits and cookies where you want some texture.


A note on storage: Oatmeal and oat flour do not keep for very long, so if you rarely bake with them, buy small amounts and use within the best-before date.