One Man and His Donkey

One Man and His Donkey

One Man and His Donkey… Under the snow-capped mountain of Gran Sasso d’Italia, sits Zio Tom’s ancient olive groves. The Gran Sasso is known for its silhouette, which has been compared to that of a sleeping woman and is sometimes known as La Bella Addormentata.

Tended to year-round by Zio Tom and his donkey, his Abruzzo farm produces a beautiful single-estate cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil. Their contentment lies in the gentle rhythm of life under the southern Italian sun.


The year’s hard work culminates with the October harvest, an explosion of autumn activity after the hot Italian summer. Tom’s family gathers from far and wide to help him with the harvesting and pressing, before the oil is shipped to us in Gloucestershire for bottling. It’s a family affair from start to finish.

Only the best olives are hand selected by Tom for this product, from the Leccino and Frantoio varieties that he grows. Tom uses sustainable farming methods that are friendly to the surrounding environment, and the oil is certified organic by the Soil Association. Once the last of the olives have been harvested and the whirlwind of family has decamped, Tom remains behind to tend to the groves year-round. This is where the name for the olive oil stems from, of course – one man and his donkey!



For the travel hungry, you can also stay in Zio Tom’s yurt amongst the olive groves... Zio Yurt