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Shipton Mill Gluten-Free Loaf

Make a perfect gluten free loaf every time, one that holds together, toasts well and goes well with avocado, scrambled eggs and bacon, raspberry jam and peanut butter, marmite and more. Follow the method, and be careful not to overprove the loaf; if the kitchen is very warm it may take very little time to nearly reach the top of tin. Avoid allowing the trapped gas to escape as bubbles begin to burst on top of the loaf, and you'll get good results without all the flour blending usually required for good gluten-free baking. NB; this bread mix is a great 'base' to which we sometimes add other flavours such as sage & apricot, mixed seeds, or olive. Get experimental!

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275g of Shipton Mill Bread Mix

255g of warm water

1 level teaspoon of dried active yeast

¾ teaspoon salt

½ tbs olive oil


Please follow the below steps carefully. If you use the incorrect bread tin or don’t weigh the water it could go a bit wrong. You won’t be crying over spilt milk but you may be crying over some rather sad looking bread.

Use an Old Fashioned 1lb Bread Tin (a bread tin with low sides won’t work)
Oven temperature for baking is 180°C fan or 200°C no fan

·    Put 275g of flour into a bowl
·    Add 1 level teaspoon of GF dried yeast
·    Add ¾ teaspoon of salt
·    Add ½ tablespoon of olive oil
·    Add 255g of warm water (remember you must weigh it)
·    Beat the ingredients together for 3 minutes and transfer to the bread tin
·    Prove under a cover until level with the top of the tin (now you see why it needed to be an old-fashioned one)
·    Once it has reached the top of the tin, slash down the middle and spray with oil
·    Bake in the oven for 50 minutes
·    Leave to cool before slicing, no matter how great it smells!


Added by: ShiptonLou

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Bread machine Shipton Mill GF bread mix loaf

Just wanted to share in case useful to others; good success using the GF bread mix in a (getting on a bit now) Panasonic SD-253. All ingredients as per Shiptons own recipe, just double up quantities and follow bread machine order of ingredients so yeast in first, flour next, salt and oil after and then the warm water. Choose the BASIC programme (not the GF one), XL size, RAPID BAKE option, DARK crust option and hit start. Remember to spatula-in any sides and corners after first few blade rotations and then let it get on with it. Result is mid to tall-ish loaf with a cracked but soft top - moist and soft enough for sandwiches and does not fall apart. For toast, better toasted under the grill than toaster (moisture content) but either very acceptable :-)

Fi P 26 July 2021

GF Sourdough Bread

I am a self taught lockdown sourdough baker - love, love, love. But as I have friends and family who are GF, I would like to try baking a sourdough version of this recipe. My 100% sorghum starter is almost ready. Has anyone/you ever tried doing a SD version? Can you advise on quantity of starter? Also, are there any other additives in the GF white bread flour ? I thought I might be able to use the bread mix flour to create another starter as the ingredients state it is a mix of teff and sorghum. However, I have read that some bread mixes contain other ingredients in which case this wouldn’t work. Thanks in advance.


RE: GF Sourdough Bread

Hi Karen, glad to hear you're enjoying sourdough baking! This mix creates wonderful bread with the method outlined, but isn't suitable for sourdough in our experience as the longer process rather exhausts the starches. Do give us a call for a fuller reply and ingredient list if of interest. Best wishes Louise

ShiptonLou 07 July 2021

GF bread

Hi can you used fresh yeast please ?

Rosamund Bernoud 01 April 2021

RE: GF bread

Hello Rosamund, we tested with easy store-cupboard essentials including dried yeast, but fresh yeast will be fine, Just remember you'll need to use a greater weight if using fresh yeast. Kind regards Louise

ShiptonLou 07 July 2021

Gluten free Bread

We’ve been looking for a really good bread mix so we are going to order a sack and see how it performs.

ENK 26 February 2021

RE: Gluten free Bread

Try this recipe. I bake it weekly. https://www.shipton-mill.com/baking/recipes/gluten-free-sourdough-bread.htm

Anthony Fitzsimmons 07 March 2021


Will the GF bread flour also work in sourdough? And can it be used for pasta? Thanks!

sheborg 19 January 2021

Re GF Sourdough

It works well. I bake this mix weekly. https://www.shipton-mill.com/baking/recipes/gluten-free-sourdough-bread.htm

Anthony Fitzsimmons 07 March 2021

GF bread mix problems

Sorry but having same problems as Mr Turner - have tried the GF bread mix 3 times now Inc a different yeast on the last attempt. Thin batter consistency - following recipe on back of pack to the letter, heavy dense brick results. ☹️

Fi P 22 November 2020

RE: GF bread mix problems

Hello Fi, Sorry to hear the bread mix may not behaving for you. Please can you give us a call so that we can get some more detail and look into it for you. Many thanks. The Shipton Miller

ShiptonLou 23 November 2020

RE: GF bread mix problems

Just a follow up comment to thank Shipton Mill and Louise for superlative customer service. Problem investigated, solution identified, new product supplied (arrived less than 24 hrs) problem solved! (and it’s delicious)! Most impressed. Thank you

Fi P 04 December 2020

Gluten free bread flour mix

Hi , I love Shipton Mill flour and have even developed a deliciuos oat and chestnut flour loaf for bread machine which I must post online at sometime . However , I have tried the recipe twice as per the pack . The reult was a thin pancake type batter and after proofing , bubles startrted to break the surface so I baked 50 mins at 180 and got a hard brick both times . I even checked yeast was rising first on second attempt What AM I doing wrong ???

Mr David Turner 13 November 2020

RE: Gluten free bread flour mix

Mine usually comes out ok maybe reduce cooking time or heat

Miss Louise Angell 13 November 2020

RE: Gluten free bread flour mix

When mixed the consistency was like a loose pan cake batter, is this correct ?

Mr David Turner 13 November 2020

RE: Gluten free bread flour mix

Hi David, we'd like to look into this for you, are you able to give us a call please so that we can check it out properly? Thanks. The Shipton Miller

ShiptonLou 19 November 2020

RE: Gluten free bread flour mix

Successful results Shipton Mill have been marvellous. They sent me a new batch of flour and behold.. wonderful bread. A good rise with crisp crust and a remarkably wheat taste ! Well done Shipton Mill.

Mr David Turner 24 November 2020

Shipton Mill gluten free loaf

This works well for me and I would rate it a good 4 (this site insists I have given it 3 which is incorrect). The taste is good (a hint of ciabatta) and not chewy like some I have made with the aid of Xanthan gum, and it toasts superbly. Recipe has been consistent using weight and scaling it up by 50% works well in my 2lb Curculon Ultimum baking tins.

Mr Ian Hurst 06 October 2020

Bread machine GF Recipe any time soon?

We love the quality of your flours however I have recently become gluten intolerant and wondered would you be providing any time soon a GF bread recipe for Panasonic bread machines?! Many thanks

Mr F 09 September 2020

RE: Bread machine GF Recipe any time soon?

Just bought Panasonic machine and looking for recipe if anyone has one please?

Mrs Jacky Dingle 08 January 2021

RE: Bread machine GF Recipe any time soon?

Jacky Dingle : Afer finding time to experiment with my Panasonic SD-ZB2502 bread machine I can confirm if you use program 12 which is the GF free one, with the Rye mixing paddle and slighlty warmer than warm water it gives a nice loaf every time! What's most important is that you weigh the water first (255g), then add the 275g of flour along with the salt and olive oil. I always put the yeast in the compartment on the machine. I think after a few attempts I came to the conlcusion the secret is the rye paddle and the warm water.

Mr Fulvio Naselli 08 May 2021

Great tasty coeliac friendly bread mix, best bread to eat!

I have difficulties with being a coeliac and i have realised baking from home is the best way, Shipton Mills gluten free bread mix is so easy to make, and is the best texture with nice crispy crust. Just ordered more to stock up loaf in freezer ready for eating.

Miss Louise Angell 09 September 2020

GF Breda mix

can I have recipe/method for a bread maker, please

Mrs patricia cooper-wilson 22 August 2020

RE: GF Breda mix

Patricia please see the post I have submitted above with regard to Shipton Mill GF flour and Panasonic bread machine.

Mr F 08 May 2021

Gluten free bread

I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong as I follow recipe but get loads of holes in the bread. Any advice?

Michéle 23 September 2019

RE: Gluten free bread

Hello Michéle, the 2 common issues that can make this loaf misbehave are overproving, and baking too hot. Overproving can be easy to do - just watch that it doesn’t rise above the top of a 1lb or 450g loaf tin. If there are bubbles breaking the surface it’s easily there and ready to bake. Try baking it a little before you think it’s the right time, (it can be as little as 50 minutes to one hour) and keep it cooler than the failed loaf during the proving cycle. If you have a static oven, use it for this loaf - it will be cooler than a fan/convection oven by about 20 degrees. If you don’t have that option, drop the temperature by 20 degrees in your fan oven. The first and/or the second of these points will make a difference to the finished loaf. Do let us know how you get on! Best wishes, The Shipton Mill team.

ShiptonMill 07 January 2020

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