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Yeast and Other Ingredients

Why We've Switched to Organic

Regular users of our site will notice we've recently stopped supplying non-organic/conventional yeast and have switched to purely organic for all our baking additional baking ingredients. Read here why we've made this choice:

Better for You

Unlike conventional yeast, BIOREAL organic yeast is produced using organic cereals without the use of chemical additives during fermentation.

Selected strains of yeast and lactic acid bacteria cultures are bred in a wholly organic nutrient solution made from organic grain, pure spring water and enzymes. All micro-organisms and raw materials used are guaranteed non-GMO, organic ingredients.

Better for the Environment

To produce conventional yeast, chemical nitrogen sources as ammonia, ammonia salts and lyes as well as acids including sulphuric acid, synthetic vitamins and growth substances are used.

The BIOREAL fermentation process uses no chemical additives and sunflower oil is used as an anti-foaming agent. Since no chemicals are used, BIOREAL organic yeast needs no rinsing either, so no chemically contaminated waste water is produced.

Since all plant equipment is steam-cleaned, disinfectants are also unnecessary. Even waste water from plant cleaning is free from chemical contamination.

Further Benefits

A further benefit is that the organic fermentation medium also forms the basis of additional baking products such as sponge or yeast sourdough starter.

This way of production is particularly eco-friendly and sustainable. For this reason, BIOREAL organic yeast is certified nationally and internationally by organic certification.

Recent Developments

Until recently it wasn't possible to buy fresh organic yeast. Recent advancements in manufacturing however, means it is now possible to produce both fresh and dried yeast organically. It is this recent development that enabled us to ditch the chemicals and choose purely organic yeast for all our baking.

Want to know more about the manufacturing process? "Why you may want to consider switching to organic yeast"

Cold-pressed organic olive oil - 500ml -

Cold-pressed organic olive oil - 500ml

One Man and His Donkey..... Under the snow-capped mountain of Gran Sasso d’Italia, sits Zio Tom’s ancient olive groves. Tended to year-round by Tom and his donkey, his Abruzzo farm produces a beautiful single-estate cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil. Now, for the first time, it is available in the U.K. through our website....

GLUTEN FREE Organic DRIED yeast - 5 x 9g sachets -

GLUTEN FREE Organic DRIED yeast - 5 x 9g sachets

100% Organic, and now certified gluten free! The same consistent performance you'd expect from Agrano, now available in a handy pack of five sachets and gluten free to boot!

Organic DRIED yeast - 500g -

Organic DRIED yeast - 500g

BIOREAL Organic Dried Yeast - purely organic, no chemicals! Find out why we choose to go organic for our bakery yeast:

Organic FRESH yeast -

Organic FRESH yeast

BIOREAL Organic Fresh Yeast - purely organic, no chemicals! Unlike conventional yeast, BIOREAL organic yeast is produced using organic cereals without the use of chemical additives during fermentation....

£1.00 - £8.00
Organic FRESH yeast - discounted due to short BBE date -

Organic FRESH yeast - discounted due to short BBE date

Bioreal Organic Fresh Yeast. SHORT DATE so discounted to HALF PRICE! (while stocks last)

Organic Gluten-Free Baking Powder - 1kg -

Organic Gluten-Free Baking Powder - 1kg

Large tub of organic baking powder, now certified gluten-free. Suitable for those making more than the occasional batch of scones!

Organic Gluten-Free Baking Powder - 45g -

Organic Gluten-Free Baking Powder - 45g

3 sachets containing 15g each of Bioreal Organic Baking Powder and now certified Gluten-Free too....


Flour Direct Shop update

Great news - we are now able to offer delivery to the Republic of Ireland again!

For orders placed on our website, we make every effort to include the applicable duty and tax, however there may be additional local duties and taxes that are out of Shipton Mill’s control that you may need to pay in order to receive the goods.
Almost all of our products can be shipped to the Republic of Ireland, with the exception of Olive Oil and Fresh yeast.

Happy baking

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