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White Wholemeal Bread


570gr 82% Strong Wholemeal Flour

125gr 18% Strong White Flour

542gr 78% Water 37°C (handmixing)

14gr 2% Salt

1/4 tsp 0.08% Instant Dry Yeast


First add water into bowl, then flour and mix with a spoon or by hand until ingredients are incorporated into a shaggy mass. 20 - 60 minutes autolyse phase in a covered bowl. Sprinkle salt and yeast over dough and incorporate by folding over 1/4 of the dough at each time. Tip bowl onto floured work surface and knead until the gluten structure is moderately well developed. Desired dough temperature is 24 - 26°C after mixing). Bulk fermentation in a covered bowl for 3 hours at room temperature (21°C). Apply three folds in the first hour in 20 minute intervals. The dough will develop and strengthen during this phase. Once bulk fermentation is complete loosely shape dough into a round ball and let dough rest covered for 10 - 15 minutes until suitably relaxed. Shape dough into desired form, either round or long and put into floured proofing basket seam side up. Flour top of the dough and cover with plastic. Refrigerate for 12 - 14 hours at 5°C. The bread can be baked straight out of the oven. Preheat oven and baking stone to 250°C, score bread two or three times with a sharp knife and load into oven. Steam immediately. Bake at 230°C with steam for 10 minutes. Let steam out and finish bake at 220 - 230°C for another 20-25 minutes to a good dark colour. Bread needs to rest at least 1 hour after the bake is finished.