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White wheat sourdough bread


- 20 g sourdough started (make of any flour)

- 500 + 100 g white wheat flour

- 310 + 100 ml water (room temperature/lukewarm)

- 5 g salt


1. Mix 20 g of sourdough starter with 100 g of white wheat and 100 ml water. Cover it and leave it grow in a warm place until ready. This may take between 9 and 24 hours (the warmer the place the quicker it will be ready). A good test to check whether ready or not is taking a bit and puting it in water, if it floats the sourdough is ready.

2. Mix the 500g of white wheat flour, 310 ml of water, salt and the sourdough. If you don't want to knead, fold the dought (5-10 folds are enough) in 10 minutes intervals during an hour.

3. Leave the dough grow until it doubles (or almost) its volume. At 17-20 °C this may take 9-12 hours (roughly one night). If unsure whether ready or not, make a superficial cut and if you see many bubbles the dough is ready.

4. Split the dough in two equal portions, make them round and leave for a couple of hours.

5.Shape as desired and do a few superficial cuts. On the picture I put some poppy seeds on top!

6. Bake at 250 degrees with a bolw of water. After 15 min, take the bolw of water out and bake for another 25-30 min at 200 degrees.