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Walnut, Fennel and Sesame Seed Rye Sourdough Loaf


4tbsp dark rye

2tbsp light rye

4 tbsp white no 4

handful broken walnuts

1tbsp fennel seeds

1tbsp sesame seeds

1tbsp oil

1tsp sea salt

mugful rye sourdough starter

extra water and flour


  1. mix flours in bowl
  2. add sourdough starter and mix thoroughly and leave overnight to work
  3. heat oil in pan and toss in walnuts, fennel and sesame seeds, salt until browned
  4. add a little water and stir
  5. mix nuts, seeds, water and extra flour into dough and knead for several minutes
  6. shape loaves and leave to prove in oiled tin for at least 2 hours
  7. bake for 35 minutes in a hot oven