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Very easy brown bread using Canadian bread flour


1 tsp salt

2 tbps olive oil (I use extra virgin, because why not?)

10 fl oz boiled water left to cool in the kettle

1oz porage oats

7oz Shipton Mill Canadian white bread flour

8oz Shipton Mill Canadian wholemeal bread flour

A sachet of fast action dried yeast.


I use a very cheap bread making machine on its dough programme (because that's easy and just takes 90 minutes).

I've used this formula for years and tried many different bread flours, but have found the Canadian ones gives by far the best results for me.

I like to put all the ingredients in the breadmaker in the above order, but it may not be important.

At the end of the breadmaker cycle, I put into a silicon bread tin and squidge it down to fit.

I leave it to prove in a warm place until it is about doubled in size. This normally takes 30 minutes to an hour depending on temperature etc.

It then goes in a fan oven at 180C for just over 30 minutes.

Keeps well, probably because of the oats.