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Tea Brack


50g Prunes (chopped)

50g Dates (chopped)

75g Sultanas

50g Orange Peel (chopped)

225g Soft Brown Sugar

350g Chai Tea (cold (not latte))

2tbls Brandy or Rum (optional)

100g Strong Bread Flour

180g Pastry Cake Flour (plain)

1.5tsp Baking Powder

0.5tsp Cinnamon (ground)

0.5tsp Nutmeg (grated)

0.5tsp Salt

1 Egg (beaten)


  • In a basin mix the dried fruit, sugar, brandy / rum (optional) and tea. Cover and leave for 4 hours or overnight.
  • In a bowl mix the dry ingredients. Add the soaked fruit and mix well. Add the egg and mix well. The batter mixture will be on the thin side.
  • Prepare by lining with baking parchment 1 loaf tin (8" x 4"). Add the batter mixture to the baking tin.
  • Bake at 175c for 90 minutes. Baked when tested with a metal skewer that comes out clean.
  • Options: Use any dried fruit to the weight mentioned. Use any other strong flavoured tea.