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Super Buttery French Biscuits (SBF)


The measurements are nice and easy to remember, as in the name of this recipe, SBF stands for Super Buttery French biscuits, if you assign the same letters to the ingredients Sugar/Butter/Flour in measures of 1/2/3. With 100g as a base, you get the following ingredients:

S - 100 g Sugar
B - 200 g Butter (try slightly salted butter for even better taste!)
F - 300 g Flour
1 egg


Mix all ingredients in one bowl and knead until the dough forms a ball. The dough is easier to make if the butter is at room temperature and cut in small pieces. If you don't like to knead by hand, alternatively you can also put all ingredients together in a plastic container and shake vigorously until the dough magically forms a ball!

The biscuit dough can be used straight away to make biscuits of any shape. Easy tip: roll some dough between your hands to make a sausage shape, from which you cut approximately 3mm thick biscuits and lay them down on an oven tray. They will cook in about 10 minutes at 180C, you can turn the biscuits over at half time.

The SBF biscuits can be cooled down on a rack and then stored in an air-tight biscuit tin. If you can muster the courage to wait, they are even better on the second day, although they very rarely last until the third day...

Bon Appétit!