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Sponge and Dough


500g Flour
10g Salt
2.5g Fresh Yeast
270g Water

1. Mix all the ingredients to a fully developed dough
2. Stand in bulk for 16-18 hours.


500g Flour
10g Salt
12.5g Fresh Yeast (8g dried)
125g Sponge
1g Malt Extract
5g Fat
290g Water


1. Mix to a fully developed silky dough, final temp 28ºC
2. Stand in bulk for 30 minutes.
3. Scale off into 2 equal parts and hand up (gently mould) then leave for a fifteen minute intermediate proof.
4. Final quick mould then stand for 40-50 minutes final proof
5. Bake at 210ºC for approximately 40 minutes.