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Spiced & Seeded Sourdough


1 x starter

3 x cups of Shipton Mill Stoneground White Flour

1 x cup of Shipton Mill Wholemeal Flour

1 x table spoon Salt

2.5 cups of filtered Water

1 x cup sunflower and pumpkin seed mix

2 x teaspoon turmeric

1 teaspooon black pepper

1 x teaspoon cinnamon


Combine your starter with the 4 cups of flower and water and salt and mix well, leave to rise for 8 - 12 hours depending on the temperature with a plastic bag on top so it doesn't dry out or attract flies.

After this rise if you feel is too wet or dry add more flour or water accordingly.

At this point I would add the seeds and spices and give another mix with my hands and then leave to rest for hour or two.

Heat your over to the highest heat and put in a cast iron lidded pot.

Once piping hot, add a little oil to the pot and drop your dough in.

Reduce the heat a little and leave the dough in with the lid on for 35 minutes.

After 35 minutes take the lid off for a further browing of the top and there you have it. Take out to cool on a cooling rack and enjoy a spicy summery seedy sourdough.