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Spelt Pizza Dough

Spelt was long used for pizza base and adds an interesting dimension of flavour. The recipe is based on Crusty Spelt Bread.

This is a classic overnight sponge and dough recipe.The sponge stage is for a firm-ish dough, which will be well fermented and broken down after 12 hours. This becomes a medium-soft dough in the second stage.

Stage 1 - the Sponge


500g Shipton mill white spelt flour
(or mix 50/50 with a wheat flour, such as the traditional organic white)

5g or ½ sachet organic (dried) yeast OR 10g fresh yeast.

10g salt

1 teaspoon malt extract

275-285g cool water


First a couple of things to note:

  1. Spelt varies in its capacity to absorb water, this should be a firm dough, so adjust accordingly.
  2. If adding wheat flour, you will need to add more water until a firm-ish dough is formed.

Mix the malt in the water and mix all ingredients well, kneading briefly to form the dough. Place in a bowl inside a large plastic bag and leave for 12 hours. The sponge can be refrigerated for 24 hrs after the ferment if necessary.

Stage 2 - the Dough


Sponge (see above)

500g white spelt flour
(or with a wheat flour 50/50)

300g warm water (more if adding wheat)

10g salt

This should be about 25C


Add the sponge to the other ingredients, mix and knead well for about 5 minutes until smooth. Place in a bowl inside a large plastic bag in a not-cold spot. Leave for 1 1/2 hours, by which time it will have doubled in bulk.

Refold the dough and let it rise again for an hour. It will then be ready for pizza base.

The spelt base is wonderful with a combination soft white cheese, either a curd or soft ripened, strong aromatic herbs such as oregano/marjoram , fresh crushed or sliced garlic …the smoked garlic from the isle of white is very good on this. Red onion, sliced in thin rounds marinated in EVOlive oil for an hour or more.


For a really traditional and deeply flavoured alternative, try this recipe from our archives.