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Sourdough seeded punch bread

Feed your sourdough started approx 3 hours prior to making the actual dough.



1kg of organic white and malted flour mix

100g poppy seed

100g linseed

approx 700 ml water - the consistency has to be nice, soft and not dry

10g salt

Leave the dough to rest for 1 hour before incorporating the starter

after 1 hour:

incorporate 150-200g of started into the dough and come back to it every hour to work on it a bit

after 5-6 hours the dough should be rising nicely. This part requires a bit of training and if you have never done this before, I recommend looking for videos showing the method of baking sourdough bread. Knead your dough gently and place it into the form you will use to bake your bread in. It is essential to use something with a lid as otherwise you will end up with a dry, not so tasty bread. Leave it to rise for the last time for approximately 2 hours. Bake covered in the oven on 200 Celsius for 35 minutes, then another 35 minutes uncovered and voila, pure awesomness!

Take out of the baking form and leave to cool on a rack.