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Sourdough PIzza Dough


Starter: 50g (can be discard or straight from fridge, does not need to be at peak)

Water: 212g

White bread flour: 160g

Tipo 00 flour: 160g

Salt: 8g

68.7% hydration, 290g dough per pizza


Mix ingredients together the day before you plan to make pizza, then leave to prove until the dough has risen to around 1.5-times its original size. Leave in fridge overnight, then remove from fridge several hours before you plan to bake. Split the dough into 2 boules and leave on counter for an hour while your baking stone heats up in oven. Heat baking stone to max temperature (tip: leave baking stone under grill to get the stone searing hot). Shape your dough and add toppings, then slide on to baking stone to cook. For best results when shaping, take care not to knock the air out of the crust.