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Sourdough loaf with einkorn


(measures provided for a 920gr loaf)

50% Traditional Organic White (200 gr)

25% Organic Stoneground White Flour (100 gr)

25% Organic Einkorn Wholemeal Flour (100 gr)

50% starter (Organic Dark Rye Flour at 100% hydration) (200 gr)

80% water (320 gr)

3.5% salt (14 gr)


To get the right amout of starter, feed it twice (building it up 1:2:2), leaving ca. 8 hours between the two feedings.

Mix the flours and the water and leave it to autolyse for one hour.

Add the starter to the dough and work it for a few minutes, then add the salt and work it for another few minutes.

Leave to rest for about two hours, folding it every 30 minutes.

Leave to prove overnight in the fridge.

Preheat your oven and pizza stone to 250C, then bake the loaf at 200C for 35 minutes.