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Soft Semolina Loaf

Day 1, evening

100 g wheat leaven
400 g (4 dl) water
5 g (1 tsk) fresh yeast
120 g (2 dl) semolina
360 g (6 dl)strong, white bread flour
6 g (1 tsk) salt

Mix the yeast with a little water in a bowland then add the rest of the ingredients. Mix with wooden spoon until combined a minute or two. The dough is very wet. Cover with lid orplastic and put in fridge overnight.

Day 2, morning
POur out dough on wellfloured surface and fold into a pillow. Use a dough scraper to help you stretch it. It should keep its shape, but if very loose, fold one more time. Sprinkle over flour and cover with a clean teatowel.

Turn oven on 250°C and place a baking sheet or baking stone iin the middle of the oven, while dough is proving, 30-45 minutes, and a oven tray at the bottom of the oven.

Rolls: Divide dough in two,and with a dough scraper cut off 8 pieces from one halfandplace gently on a baking paperplaced on a tray. Put a few icecubes in a cup and then let thebaking paper with the rolls glide onto the hot baking sheet/-stone in the oven and through the ice cubes on the lower baking tray (this will eventually warp the tray, so don't use your best one!) After about 15 minutes they are ready (they should be a deep, golden brown)

Let cool down on a cooling rack.

Make a loaf: With the other half of the dough: srpinkle a generoud amount of flour on top and flip it over. Fold 4 times and leave on the worktop for 5 minutes to seal the seem. Flour a proving basket or clean tea towel placed in for example a collander and place the loaf seam side up in the basket/other vessel. Let rest for 45 minutes in a warm-ish room, or for a few hours in the fridge.

Make sure oven is 250°C and flip loaf on to a baking paper make a few shallow cuts on top and put in oven on hot baking sheet/-stone. A couple of ice cubes and put timer at 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, lower the temperature to 200°C and open the oven door to let out some steam. Bake another 15 minutes.

Inner temp should be 94-96°C. Let cool on a rack.

You can also bake this loaf in a dutch oven, 20 minutes with lid on, 15 minutes with the lid off, lowering the temperature to 225°C when taking the lid off.