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Shipton's Crusty White Sourdough with modifications Rustic white sourdough


  • 250g of leaven made 12hrs before
  • 500g white flour
  • 280g warm water
  • 10g sea salt


  1. mix leaven (sponge) 12 hrs before using 100g starter, 150g 50/50 mix white and wholemeal and 175 warm water.
  2. Mix salt in 10g of water to disolve
  3. Mix flour and water and knead till taking shape and becoming stretchy
  4. Autolyse for 20 mins
  5. Mix in salt and sponge and knead till passing 'window' test
  6. Rest with turns every hour - 7 hours in 20C room (could be accelerated in warmer room)
  7. Fold and bench rest 30 mins
  8. Fold and shape into floured basket
  9. Final rest 4 hours 21C room temp.
  10. Heat oven to max of 230 in my case (I use a make shift Dutch oven with a frying pan and deep pan for a lid) 20 mins with lid on and 25 with lid off.


Thanks to Shipton Mill for the original recipe. I'm a newcomer to sourdough and have had some very mixed results. This was fantastic and produced a great crusty loaf with aerated chewy crumb.

I wasnt sure from the recipe whether 250g leaven meant starter or sponge so I made a sponge. I also added a few tips that Id read in Tartine and Andrew Whitely's Bread Matters + I've got much stricter with temperature and weight measurement.

Thanks also to Dave and Simon at The HandMade Bakery in Slaithwaite for the great Artisan Bakery course which has turned me into a bit of a bread geek!