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Seeded Rye Biscuits


100g dark rye flour
Large pinch of salt
Any available seeds: black sesame, flax and poppy seeds this time. Use plenty as they help the texture.
Dessert spoon of oil of your choice
Water to make a fairly dry mix. Nead a few times to make an even paste.

Recipe Update Feb 21, organic rye flour 1350 has gone very crumbly once mixed- add a tablespoon of white spelt flour and it is sticky as before and makes a crispier biscuit.


Combine the ingredients, and leave to rest for 15mins,
Roll out to a thickness of about 2-3mm on a rye floured surface.
Cut shapes out with a ravioli cutter, using a 12 inch ruler as a guide. A round cutter is ok too, I use one with a push mechanism.
Prick with a fork if you must.
Place on an oiled tin and bake for 10mins @ 200C. Turn over and back for another 5 mins.

If you have a holey pizza tin this will save having to turn them.

To get the seeds roasting the biscuits will be slightly overbaked. 200C is hot, anything less will not produce the result. The seeds generate steam and help loosen the texture. I have tried using baking powder but does not seem to make any difference.