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Seeded rolls


350g strong bread flour ( I use Canadian)

100g strong wholemeal bread flour

50g extra coarse strong wholemeal flour

50g rye flour

small handful chopped rye grains

2tsp salt

7g dried yeast

1 tsp brown sugar

handful 5 seed mix

small handful malted grains

small handful sunflower kernels

small handful pumpkin seeds

For topping

pumpkin seeds

poppy seeds

sesame seeds

1 beaten egg

Oven 230 C Gas 8


  1. In a large baking bowl place all the flours, the 5 seed mix, the malted grains and the salt. give it all a good mix
  2. Activate yeast. in a smal bowl mix yeast and sugar. Mix well with 75 - 100ml lukewarm water. Leave to foam up for about 15 minutes.
  3. Measure 300ml lukewarm water
  4. Add the foamed up yeast to the flour and add the lukewarm water gradually to make a fairly slack dough when thoroughly mixed with a round bladed knife.
  5. Adding more flour when needed, knead the dough well until it no longer sticks to your hand but is still soft and elastic.
  6. Make a smooth dough ball, cover bowl with cling film and leave to rise until doubled in size, 3 or 4 hours in a cool room, less in a warm room. Dough can also be left to rise overnight in the 'fridge ( let it come to room temperature before shaping)
  7. My recipe makes the tear and share 'football rolls' in the round tin and 4 separate rolls
  8. Knock back your risen dough and on a floured work surface spread dough into a large flat round with heel of hand and sprinkle evenly with the sunfower kernels and the pumpkin seeds. Roll up the dough circle to help evenly spread the seeds and then knead for a short time into an oblong shape.
  9. Weigh your dough and make 10 even size rolls ( on average each roll weighs 105g)
  10. Arrange your rolls in your tin if using or use a couple of baking sheets
  11. Leave to prove for about 20 minutes until well risen.
  12. Glaze with beaten egg and sprinkle each roll with pumpkin, sesame and poppy seeds
  13. Bake individual rolls for approx 10 -15 mins. The rolls in the tin take about 20 -25 minutes. Depending on the bake you like. An oven thermometer is a great help. Rolls are ready whe the temp is 190 C. Cool on a wire rack

This bread freezes well, separate the 'football' rolls if needed and seal in bags.

You can experiment with flour proportions and the seeds you like. I sometimes add a handful of crushed or lightly milled linseed ( don't use whole seeds - our digestive system can't get at the goodness in whole seeds.)