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Rye and white sourdough

600gr white strong flour

150gr dark rye flour

525gr water at 30c

150gr 100% hydration starter

15gr salt

Start by mixing the starter with the water minus 50gr.

Add the two flours and mix thoroughly making sure all the water has been absorbed. Rest for 30min.

Add the salt and the rest of the water. Once it s all absorbed rest it for 30min.

For the next 2 hrs stretch and fold every 30 min.

After 2hrs remove it from the bowl and prefold it and rest it on the bench for 20/30 min.

Finally shape it put it in the basket and let it rest in the fridge overnight.

Bake it in a Dutch oven at 250c for 25mi lower the temperature at 230c and bake it for further 20 min.

Enjoy it