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Prune Bread

A sweetish fruitbread, yet without sugar.


300g Wholemeal flour (Shipton ref 205)

200g Strong white flour (Shipton ref 105)

125g (more or less to taste) Ready-to-eat prunes

10g Fresh yeast

10g Salt

Multi-seed grain (Shipton ref 401) for topping, as required

325ml Water


Variation to normal baking method:

  • When dough has proved once, pull out to A4 size.
  • Lay the prunes on top.
  • Roll up and seal edges.
  • Apply topping
  • Prove for about 60 mins, then bake as usual; check if done after 20 mins.


  • I freeze fresh yeast in 10g blocks - much better than dried yeast.
  • Ready-to-eat prunes do not require any pre-soaking.

I prefer the fruit in a layer rather than mixed throughout the dough - more taste impact.