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Our favourite loaf


  • 20% Dark Rye
    20% Wholemeal Spelt
    60% Organic Strong White
    35% water
    35% Milk
    2% Salt
    2% honey
    2% butter
    2% fresh yeast

    Optional extras:
    5% mixed seed or Malted rye grains
    10% medium oatmeal


  1. Warm the milk, honey, salt &butter in a pan untill the butter has melted & salt has disolved
  2. Add the water to the milk and pour onto the rest of the ingredients
  3. kneed untill smooth (about 10 minuits)
  4. Leave to raise untill doubled in size (about an hour an a half in our house)
  5. Shape as desired. I split into three and shape into banneton
  6. Leave to prove for an hour.
  7. Place into baking tray, cut top and bake for 35 minutes at 230 degC (turning down to 180 after 10 min if it's colouring too fast) or if you're lucky enough on the bottom of an AGA roasting oven
  8. Leave to cool & enjoy