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Olive Tapenade Tear 'n' Share

Can also be done with chocolate spread or peanut butter for a lovely sweat treat!


450g Strong white flour

7g Salt

7g white shortening (cheat and use baking butter)

45g sourdough starter (12 hours after last feed)

7g dried yeast

280 to 300ml warm water


Mix the flour, yeast, salt together and rub in the butter. Add the soudough starter and mix in the water.

Knead for 8 mins until soft and elastic and prove in plastic tub with a lid. Bowl and damp tea towel work fine but this just makes it much easier to scrape the dough out. A little oil covered over the bottom is always good. Prove for 75-90 mins at room temp. less time if warm/summer.

Roll out to a 40 by 20 cm rectangle and spread on the tapenade (or your choice of filling). Line all the way to the edges.

Cut squares out roughly 10cmx 10cm and using an oiled 1lb loaf tin. Start with one in your hand and add to it with more squares. First one should be filling side up, all the others doesn't matter. Layer them so they line up square(ish) and do up to 10 at a time. Place in the loaf tin until all the sqaures have gone. Does matter if it doesn't fill it completely, but if you have more, stuff them all in!

Prove for another hour with a plastic sheet loose over the top but covering the whole tin. I use a plastic carrier bag, slightly oiled on the inside.

Bake at 200 degrees for 30 mins.

Cool on a rack and then Tear into it!