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Oat cookies


• 120g Flour - Organic white, wholemeal, anything really! Ideally, self-raising, but if not, just double the baking powder.
• 120g Rolled Oats – any sort will do. Usually I use normal porridge oats, but I have even used some old sachets of the quick stuff (Oat-so-Simple), and it’s fine, although the cookies stick in your mouth a bit!
• 1 ½ TSP of baking powder (or double if not SR flour)
• 50g soft brown sugar – again any sugar will work, but soft brown gives best results
• 1 ½ TBS of golden syrup or honey – roughly, depends on your taste buds.
• 60g butter + 60g olive oil - you can vary this ratio to your own taste. I’m not keen on butter, so often use more oil, but don’t use too much or they’ll taste a bit oily.
• 3 TBS of milk


1. Basically, throw everything into the mixing bowl apart from the butter and milk. Melt the butter first in the microwave and then pour it in.
2. Mix it up well until it looks like sticky breadcrumbs. I use the dough hook on my big mixer.
3. Add the milk while it’s still mixing and it should start to stick together a bit. If it’s too dry and not sticking at all, add a little more, but only a splash, or you’ll end up with sticky gloop!
4. Pre-heat oven to 185c-190c – or make these while you’re baking the bread!
5. Prepare a baking sheet, grease it very lightly and dust with flour.
6. Take a hand-full of the mix and squash it into something about the size of a meatball, place spaced out on the baking sheet. This recipe should make 12.
7. Squash each ball with the back of your fingers to about 1cm thick and shape the edges if they split.
8. Pop them in the over and set the timer for 15mins.
9. Leave on the tray when you take them out of the oven for about 5mins, then transfer to a wire rack to cool. (They shouldn’t stick or break this way)

You can add whatever you like to the mix, eg dried fruit, choc chips, etc. My favourite is fresh root ginger – finely chop about a 1cm cube and throw it in the mix!