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Noosa Bread Buns

550g Shipton Mill's strong organic white bread flour

10g ground sea salt

25g caster sugar

200ml tepid milk

110ml tepid water

25g butter, melted

7g (1 tsp) dried yeast

Glaze- 1 egg, sesame or poppy seeds

Combine milk, water, butter & yeast in a jug. Weigh flour and salt into a bowl, add liquid and make a dough (I like to mix my yeast with half the liquid then wash out the yeasted container with the remainder, it's an easy way to get all the yeast). It'll be quite a soft dough, don't add more flour, just crack on with the kneading, 15 mins is a good guideline. Leave to rise until doubled then scrape out and cut into 6 large ones or 8 for normal ones shape into bread rolls and flatten to the size of your palm. Brush cleanly with egg wash (don't let it run down onto the tray), cover with raised, oiled cling film and prove for an hour. Glaze again, sprinkle with seeds, cover and prove for a further 30 mins while your oven is heating to 220C. When ready to go, stick them in, wait for 5mins then turn down to 200-210. They should take about 15 mins but check the underside after 10 minutes. Sounds hollow when tapped.