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250g flour (you can use most flours for it, even gluten free ones)

1-2 eggs (depending how eggy you like it)

1/2 tsp salt



Mix flour with salt then add egg(s) and enough water to get a soft and sticky mixture, but still thick enough to stand your wooden spoon up in it.

Boil a pan of water with a good pinch of salt.

Using either a nokedli maker or a spatzle maker on top of the pan of simmering water (you can buy them from certain well-known websites), process the mixture by pushing the mix through the metal plate. Alternatively, you can just use an oiled small teaspoon or a small chopping board and knife to drop small blobs into the water.

Stir and within a few seconds they will float to the top of the simmering water cooked and ready to be scooped out with a slotted spoon.

Mix in some oil or melted butter to prevent sticking.

You can serve it as a side dish to go with a hearty beef stew or chicken paprikash. Or coat it in beaten eggs as you ladle them out of the hot water and fry it for egg fried nokedli. You can also mix it with curds, soured cream and onions/chives/wild garlic/crispy bacon bits... the variations are endless! (Photos show the egg fried version.)

And it is ready to eat from scratch within 10 minutes.