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New York Deli Rye


115gr of white flour (701)
75ml of water
0.6 gr of dry yeast (3 times more for fresh yeast)
2gr of salt

230gr White flour (701)
230gr rye flour (I mixed 50% of light rye type 997 and 50% of dark rye type 1350)
330ml of water
2gr dry yeast (3 times more for fresh yeast)
9gr salt
6gr caraway seeds


mix the preferment and leave it for one hour to start the fermentation, after put in the fridge overnight

mix the ingredients but the seeds and mix it until the gluten start developing, spread the dough and put the seeds over it trying to cover as much as possible, cut the dough in 2 and put one on top of the other, press the dought and repeat it a few times to integrate the seeds in the dough without destroy the gluten net.

After have the dough ready leave it to ferment for one and half hours, making one fold after 45 minutes, pre-shape it, leave to rest for 20 minutes, shape it, and last fermentation of 30-45 minutes, score it and to the oven

35 minutes for the half kilo pieces 55 for the kilo pieces, the first 10 minutes 250C with steam, after 230 without steam