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Multiseed Sourdough


900g Shipton N.1 Bakers Flour

90g Organic Wholemeal

10g Cracked Rye (whole rye grain pulsed with a high speed blender)

160g Mixed Seeds (pumpkin, poppy, sunflower, sesame, brown linseed)

200g Young Levain (should smell fruity and have a sweet taste, doubled in about 4 hours at 25C)

800g Water (30C)

20g Sea Salt, Fine


In a bowl, mix the levain with 750g water, add the seeds and the flours and mix just until all water is absorbed, cover and rest for 45 minutes.

Add salt and a further 50ml of water if the dough seems too stiff. Incorporate well by squeezing through fingers, don't worry if it splits, it will come together eventually (about 5 minutes).

Keep in a warm place (about 25C) and perform about 4 stretch and fold every 30 minutes for the next 2hours. The dough should become nice and "pillowy" by the end of this process, if not just wait - it'll get there!

Further rest for one to two hours, by the end of this period the gluten should be well developed and the dough should pass the "windowpane" test.

Once the bulk proof is finished, divide the dough in two, pre shape and rest for further 30-45 minutes. Shape with your preferred method and place in well floured bannetons. Place in fridge for a further 12 hours (I had success in as little as 6 hours, this process helps building more complex flavours)

Warm the oven to 240C, I recommend the use of Dutch oven or equivalent. Take the first banneton out of the fridge to bring to temperature (approx 30-45 minutes). Carefully tip the banneton on to the Dutch oven, score and bake, covered for 45minutes.

Remove the lid and cook for further 15minutes, until the desired crumb colour is achieved. Repeat for the other dough, enjoy!