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Multi Seeded Buns or Rolls


Bread flour 700gm

**Seeds each 20gms (Millets, Golden linseed, Brown /Red linseed, Pumpkin, Sunflower,


**(soaking ¼ + alittle bit more than another ¼ ,it should all soak up .) Leave it soak up for at least 30mmins or overnight with hot water

Butter/Oil 100gms

Yeast 1½ Tbsp

Sugar 2 Tbsp

Water 450mls (approx 400- 450mls of water is used) lukewarm

Salt 2 Tbsp


1. In a mixing bowl Measure out flour butter , Salt.

2. In a bowl place the yeast and sugar together and add some of the lukewarm water to it and stir and leave to rest for at least 5-10min

3. Once the soaked seeds are ready place them in the bowl. Mix them with your fingers all over so that they are mixed evenly into the flour lime you would do with doing breadcrumbs. But not to that extend.