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Mini fluffy frankfurter buns


Make 20 mini buns

Strong white bread flour 280g (I use either Canadian strong white bread flour or Traditional organic white flour)
sugar 25g
salt 4g
dry yeast 4g
softened butter 30g
1 egg and add whole milk until the whole mixture is 190g


1. Wash and dry frankfurter thoroughly, cut them in half.
2. Whisk egg, add milk until whole combined mixture is 190g
3. Put egg mixture into bread machine, follow by flour, sugar, salt and yeast in exact order.
4. Set program to dough kneading and 1st proofing only. ( my bread machine takes 1.5hr)
5. After bread maching program's been running for 20min, add in melted butter and let program continues.
6. After 1st proofing, shape it into 20 balls, 25g each.
7. Rest for 10 minutes under cling film.
8. Roll dough ball into long tube shape, roughly 3.5 times longer than the cut frankfurter.
9. Wrap dough tube around frankfurter, should be able to make 3.5 wraps so both ends can be tucked under the frankfurter.
10. 2nd rising for about 1 hour, if room temp is not warm enough, rise in closed oven with a tray of hot water.
11. Preheat oven to 170-180C Fan (depends on oven)
12. Brush with egg wash if you want shiny surface. (I use 1 part egg yoke, 1 part water mixture)
13. Bake for 10 mins and they are ready.
14. I like to give it a sugar water glaze right after they are out of the oven. I find this will keep them soft for longer.
15. Cool on a rack.