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Marbled Beer Bread

This recipe requires two doughs to be made and combined for a beautiful marbled effect

Dough One:

Dark Rye Flour

Organic White Flour

Dark Rye Starter

1 tsp raw cacao powder

8g Salt

Stout or dark brown beer

Dough Two:

Organic White Flour

Dark Rye Starter

8g Salt

Filtered water

METHOD - The same process for both doughs applies:

150g starter - add to bowl

mix with 175g beer (not chilled) or tepid filtered water

add 350g flour (with dough one I add 80g dark rye and rest white)

using kitchen aid mix for 5-8 minutes on low setting then add salt and mix for another 3-4 mins

Using wet hands remove from bowl and position in a lightly oiled stainless steel bowl and cover with a damp warm cloth

after one hour stretch and fold

after one hour another stretch and fold

after one hour another stretch and fold.

Leave for an hour.

Now it's time for shaping.

lightly flour surface

Take each dough and form into a rectangle then taking each end stretch and slap down onto table till you have a long even band of dough that is twice the width of your basket

Lay onto floured surface and do the same with second dough then lay ontop of first. stretch to same size then fold in ends into thirds so you create a layered effect. taking top edge of dough in your hands start to roll. Push and drag till you get a nice even roll shape

flour your basket and lay the roll into basket

cover with a bag to retain moisture and avoid drying out and position in bottom of fridge overnight

Next morning take out of fridge, leave for an hour to warm up then tip onto a lightly floured oven tray. Using a sharp blade make your decorative cuts and bake at 220c for 40-45 mins. You should pour boiling water into a tray beneath bread to create steam for first 20 mins at start of baking. Try not to open oven during baking


Additional tips - you can roll in seeds before placing in bread shaping basket for extra texture/ flavour