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Yifan Macdonald


SM Organic Einkorn Wholemeal flour: 500g

SM Canadian Strong White Bread Flour: 250g

Water: 580g

Starter: 150g

Salt: 10g

Autolyse:1 hour

Add in starter then rest for 30mins


Bulk fermentation: 5 times stretch and fold or coil fold every 45-60 mins in room tempreture. Then rest for 1-2 hour. Total about 6 hours.

Shaping: tip the dough onto a floured kitchen counter and fold the sticky side of the dough into the centre and repeat until a ball shape formed. turn the ball over and use hands hands to pull the dough towards yourself to shape tension and forming a boule.

Proofing: heavily dust the bannetton with rice flour and place the boule seam side up. into friedge over night until it rises about 50% more (next day moring).

baking: preheat the oven to 230C for about an hour. Turn out the bould onto a baking sheet top side up and slash the preferred pattern. Place the boule into a dutch oven or cast iron pot. Bake in the oven with lid on for 55 mins, then take the lid off and bake for another 5 mins or until the dark brown colour shown. Turn off the oven and ajar the door and let the bread sit in the hot oven (cooling) for another 15 mins.

Cooling: take the bread out of the dutch oven and place onto a cooling rack to cool down at least for 2 hours before cutting open.