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Light Malthouse Daily Bread


2lb loaf

300g Shipton Organic Light Malthouse Flour

200g Shipton Canadian Strong White Flour

10g Fresh Yeast

8g Salt

342g Tap Water (off cold)


1. In a bowl, MIX together the flours and ADD fresh yeast (essential). MIX well.

2. ADD salt and MIX well.

3. ADD the water and mix to a dough.

4. Turn out on to lightly floured surface and knead well (stretch and fold) for 10 minutes. This dough responds beautifully to the kneading technique advocated by Richard Birdinet in his book 'Dough'.

5. RETURN TO BOWL, cover with teatowel and rest for 60 mins (or until doubled in size)

6. TURN OUT on to lightly floured surface and fold to give structure.

7. START OVEN containing granite slab on Mk. 10

8. Place dough in 2lb loaf tin, cover with teatowel. LEAVE TO PROVE for 60 mins until nearly doubled in size.

9. SPRAY water into oven. Put loaf in oven, spray again.

10. BAKE FOR 24 MINS, (Optimum time may vary with different ovens)