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They are basically pretzels which have not been twisted. In this recipe I've combined the simmering in lye with the use of rye flour and porridge oats. Judging by the rate of consumption, they were a great success with my family...


600g white bread flour

300g rye flour

100g porridge oats

7g dried yeast

10g salt (or to taste)

650ml warm water

50ml light cooking oil (e.g. sun flower)

for the lye: 2tbs bicarbonate of soda in 1l boiling water


Combine the flours and oats with the yeast and salt and add the water. Kneed into a firm dough and add the oil. Leave to rise for ca. 60mins. Shape rolls 8-10cm diameter when flattened a little. Place on a non-stick sheet and leave for 10mins. Now immerse each roll for a minute or so in the simmering lye. They should float from the start, if they don't leave them in the hot lye until they rise to the surface. remove the rolls from the lye with a slotted spoon and place back onto the non-stick baking sheet (if you use a normal sheet the risk is that the rolls will stick). Shake a little coarse salt onto the rolls and slit with a sharp knife (if you like - this isn't essential). Place the rolls into a the middle shelf of a hot oven (220C, GM7) and bake for about 20-25 minutes.

I like them particularly with cold meats, cheese or just with butter; for a vegan option peanut butter is also yummmmmmy.