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Hard tack oaten flatbread

A hard tack version of a traditional British flatbread - a great starting point for our journey of discovery.


100g Shipton Mill Medium Oatmeal
30g active leaven
45g water (a little more may be needed if the meal is coarse)
1 teaspoon of salt, or more…


Mix all of the ingredients well and work the dough a little either by hand or with a wooden spoon.

Place in a bowl and cover with a plastic sheet (so as not to form a skin)and leave for 12 hours to soak and activate. This will become quite firm overnight.

Form into a ball and slowly flatten it by hand on a wooden board. The dough is surprisingly flexible and flattens well. Form into a round and flip it over to maintain an even flatness. Keep pressing and thinning until quite thin.

Before cookingPlace on an ungreased pan over a lower heat than with the previous recipe. It should be sealed and smelling good after 5 minutes. Flip it over and cook for 5 minutes on the other side. This is a nice crisp flatbread which lends itself to lots of good toppings, and will keep exceptionally well.