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Gluten Free Teff Loaf for a Breadmaker

125g Teff flour (brown or white)

125g Potato starch/flour

210ml tepid water

1tsp dried yeast

scant tsp salt

1tsp xanthum gum

2tsp baking powder (b.p)

1 medium egg (beaten)

Small handful of seeds (optional)

I have an elderly Goodmans bread-maker...built before breadmakers had a specific GF function.

First add the water, then carefully add the flour. Add the salt and the yeast in opposite corners, then add the b.p. and the xanthum gum. Finally add the beaten egg. I tend to add this as I start the programme so that it mixes in straight away. I select the Rapid Cycle (1hr59mins) which starts mixing straight away. When I feel so inspired I add a sprinkle of seeds at this point, such as sunflower, poppy or pumpkin seeds. With my machine it is always advisable to open up the machine after it has been mixing for a few minutes to scrape the flour out of the doesn't matter if you don' might just have slightly floury corners to your finished loaf! When the programme is complete remove the loaf and set it on a cooling rack. Or dive straight in, it crumbles a bit more but it tastes good!