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Fried Sourdough starter.

One of the things I've been cooking for my lunches during this lockdown are variations on fried sourdough starter with various toppings. Frying some starter is a much faster way to get a tasty fix of sourdough than making bread, and provides you with an excellent lunch, somewhere between a pizza and a flatbread. You need an active sourdough starter.

Just before bed put a spoon of starter in a glass jar, add 100g flour (I use wholemeal) and 100g of water, stir and leave overnight.

By the time you get to lunch the starter will be bubbling and aerated.

Put a little olive or other oil in a small frying pan and heat it on a medium heat.

Pour the starter into the pan, it should be just liquid enough to spread out a little (the remaining starter in the jar is just the right amount to start the next day's batch).

On the wet top of the starter sprinkle some salt, and any other flavouring you want.

Put a lid on the pan and leave for about 5-7 minutes.

Remove the lid, shake to loosen the contents and then either turn over with a spatula or flip like a pancake.

Leave the lid off and continue to cook for about 5 minutes.

Turn out onto a warm plate and top with some mayonnaise, and whatever you like - in this case I used some red cabbage sauerkraut, grated carrot and cucumber, minced garlic in Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and some black sesame seeds.