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Flexi muliti seed Sourdough with malted flour, mixer recipe

The main thing I have recently learnt is that sourdough is a really, really flexible beast. I call it a beast because of its ability to grow and mutate daily. I have completely swapped over to a white starter adding wholemeal and other flours as I feel. A major change in my concept has been how much starter to add to the main base. So here goes my latest but definitely not final iteration. I have to confess I am not a fan of seeds in a sourdough but I have 2 friends who love it - so here goes. All Shipton stuff of course


250g ish of 101

200g ish of canadian

100g ish of light malthouse flour

50-75g Biodynamic whiolemeal


9g salt

100-150g white very active sourdough starter

Jug of warm water. I usually use about 300ml but it can be more or less. i add as it comes together.

75-100g mixed seeds - sunflower, pumpkin, hemp(expensive but tasty) flax/linseed, sesame (only a little as quite oily and dominates)


Sorry, I only use a stand mixer. I take my hat hat of to you manuals but this is my way.

Flours, salt and water in the mixer. Using the dough hook, 10-15 mins checking regulary for a quite moist but clean dough, nothing left on the side of the bowl and it separates when churning to form separate lumps off the dough hook. Lots of slapping basically..When the dough is smooth, silky and not quite so sticky, add the seeds and leave mixing for up to 5 minutes until incorporated. The dough will go slightly drier.

Scoop out and palce in an oiled bowl.

Cover with an olied shower cap and stretch and fold as much as you can evry 30 mins for 5 hours. Don't beat yourself up if you can't or miss slots.

Shape to your proving basket size - this is quire a lot of dough so I cut a bit off and make small almost roll size loaf from it a well but you can make one big loaf if you prefer.

Cover your basket(s) and chill overnight in the fridge for at least 12 and max of 15 hours.

Pre heat over with pizza stone to 250 convection or as hot as you can go.

Tip proved loaf out on to peel. slash very deeeply (2cm). Zap onto stone

Reduce immediately to 230

After 20 mins reduce to 220 or 210 if too dark brown

Cook for 20 mins more and remove it will be down but check for the low hollow tap to besure.