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Fermented Rye Porridge Bread



100 grams of rye flakes

200 grams of kefir milk or water and teaspoon of levin


400 grams white flour 40%

50 grams whole meal flour 10%

50 grams light rye 10%

325 water 65%

100 grams leven 20%

10 salt 2%


Make the rye porridge. Soak rye flakes in either kefir milk or a teaspoon of levan in water for 24 hours. This will make the porridge nice and sour. Cook on the morning you are making the bread on a low heat for 10 minutes then spread on a baking sheet to cool, season with a bit of salt.

Autolise the flours with warm water for 40 minutes. Add the levan, kneed or slap and fold for 10 minutes. Add the cooled porridge and salt and mix in. Bulk ferment for 3 hours , folding after the first hour and again hour later until some strength appears. shape and leave for half hour, then shape and put into a well floured basket. Refrigerate overnight, I do 12 hours which fits into my day. Heat oven to 240c, upend the loaf into a lodge pan or similar, slash and cover. Cook covered for 15 minutes, then lift off top and cook for another 20 until nice and brown.

This loaf is nice and sour, due to the fermenting of the porridge. It also workes with oats or polenta. nice and custardy sour crumb and keeps for at least 5 days.