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Emmer loaf

I keep a bread \"diary\" in which I note down the recipes I try, together with the results and hints on future improvements. My notes on this recipe say simply \"Best taste ever - no need to change\". I think it\'s great to use these old flours, like spelt too but to me this loaf was draw-droppingly tasty.

Just before bed time take ..

200g Organic Emmer wholemeal flour
200g water
7g fresh yeast
1tsp malt extract

Mix well and leave overnight.

In the morning add:

300g traditional organic white
100g water
10g fresh yeast
8g Maldon sea salt

Mix in Kenwood Chef with dough hook for 2 mins at min speed then 5 mins at speed 1.
Prove until doubled in size (2 hours in our cold kitchen in March).
Knock back and shape to loaf tin. Prove in tin until it rises above the top of the tin (again, 2 hours in our kitchen in March).
Bake for 10mins at 230C, then 15mins at 200C.
Remove from tin and bake at 200C until core temperature reaches 96C (10 mins in our oven).

I\'ll be grateful if anyone tries this and lets me know how they get on, and gives me any tweaks to make it better. Obviously the taste comes down to the Emmer flour and I think everyone should try it. I don\'t think anyone will be disappointed.