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Emmer and Khorasan sourdough bread

I usually make this bread in the morning and bake it in the evening so it's redy for breakfast.


400g Emmer flour

200g Khorasan flour

200g sourdough starter (from wholemeal spelt flour)

290g lukewarm water

1 teaspoon of salt


Add all dry ingredients into the bowl and mix. Make a hole in the middle and add sourdough starter and water. Mix all together to make a smooth dough, cover and leave until it double in size (for about 6 hours).

Take dough out from the bowl on the dusted surface. Fold dough over itself several times to take out some air and shape the loaf. Put the shaped dough in oiled and dusted loaf pan and leave to rise in warm place. When double in size (about 2 hours) spray it with water on the top and bake it at 170 degrees of C for about 45 - 55 minuts.

Cool off on a rack covered with clean cloth. If you rather softer crust, spray your bread with water when hot.