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Easy Wholemeal Seeded Rye Bread

1) Slightly grease a 1kg baking tin (I use sunflower oil)

2) Combine

300g Sourdough Starter (preferable from wholemeal rye flour)
400g Wholemeal Rye Flour
10g Salt
100g Seeds of your choice (Sunflower, Linseed, Pumpkin Seeds,... or a mixture of it)
280g Water

in a bowl (with a spoon or best: with your hands) until no dry patches left and put the mixture in the tin. Dust with some flour.

3) Cover tin with teatowel or put it in a plastic bag to prove, ideally in a warm place - this can take 6-8 hours or less, depending on the temperature.
The bread is ready to bake if it has risen by 1/3.

4) Preheat oven to 210°, bake bread for 15 minutes, then turn temperature down to 190° and bake for further 35 minutes.

5) Let it cool on a rack.

6) Enjoy!