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Easy Sourdough with Wholewheat and Light Rye


300g Canadian strong white (112)

100g Wholewheat (703)

100g Light rye (601)

300g sourdough starter

300g water

15g salt


I use Kitchenaid mixer to make it easy

Place all ingredients in mixing bowl and bring together, speed 1 for 2 mins

Mix on speed 3 for 8 mins, cover bowl to rise for 2 hours

Shape into 2 loaves or 1 large. I've used Bread Proving Basket - Large Round and Bread Proving Basket - Large Oval

Cover and leave to prove 5hrs or so (when you're ready)

Heat oven with stone or baking tray to 240°

Turn loaves out onto stone, score if desired, tip water in bottom of oven to create steam, bake for 15 mins then reduce temp to 220° for a further 20mins