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Easy (almost) no knead bread

600g of Strong Bread Flour (any mix works but my favourite is 400g white to 200g multi-grain)

8g of Salt

6g of Fresh Yeast (Tesco and Asda will both give you some if you ask at the instore bakery. if you are using fast action or other dried yeast please follow the instructions on the can/packet for preparation)

400ml of very warm (but not hot...) water. The water should feel comfortably hot.

Mix the flour and salt together well before adding the yeast to the hot water and mixing until it is well dissolved. Add to the flour and mix until there is hardly any loose flour left. Cover for 10min.

Pull the dough from edge to centre 10 times, rotating the bowl slightly after each pull

Leave covered for 10min

Repeat the pull and turn

Leave covered for 10 min

Repeat the pull and turn

Leave to prove in a warm place for 1hr (covered)

Remove dough from bowl and shape for placement in your greased bread tin or floured proving basket

Leave to prove for another hour (covered using a shower cap)

Place bread tin into a preheated 180 degree C oven for 30min or tip from proving basket onto a floured tray

Remove from tin or tray and allow to cool before cutting.

Done!!! Enjoy your bread