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Dough for Pizza base

So this recipe is very flexible and its for a bread maker (I can hear you purists taking a sharp intake of breath!), when you are a dad of three kids time is precious!

So take your bread makers standard dough recipe this makes me 2 x 12" pizzas

Mine is

450g flour

1½ tsp easy bake yeast

1tbsp sugar

4tsp milk powder

½tsp salt

1½tbsp oil

300ml water

Some of the variations I recommend are: add a big heaped teaspoon of oregano, Use olive oil or better still the oil that comes in the sundried tomato jar the other thing that I have found if you like deep pan pizza is sunflower seeds! If you add them they somehow help the structure of the base.

Put all the ingredients in the maker and start the cycle. However the longer I leave the dough the better it seems to come out: don't make the dough just before you are going to use it I let it sit for at least 4 extra hours in the maker. Divide the dough in half and stretch it out across 2 baking sheets and then prove for 15 mins in the oven before adding your favourite toppings. Then baking in a hot oven.

Find some of your own variations, experiment, this recipe is very forgiving. Please post your ideas so I can give them a try