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CV lockdown wholemeal goodness with sourdough-poolish


Wholemean flour 50g

Rye flour 50g

Strong white flour 100g

water 200g

sugar 8g

dried yeast 2g

Main dough

wholemeal flour 250g

rye flour 50g

water 120g

salt 8g

dried yeast 6g

olive oil 20g


The night before baking, mix the Poolish using some sourdough starter (saved in the fridge) that you would otherwise have discarded. Leave the poolish in a cool place overnight. It gives flavour and a good start to the proving next day.

On baking day, mix the poolish with the water and olive oil, mix the dry yeast and salt with the flours, then add the flours to the liquid.

I use a no-knead method. After mixing the dough i fold it 10 times every so often over some 4 hours.

Then leave the dough to rise - doubling in size. Either overnight in the fridge, or if your kitchen is warm it may have done this in 4 or 5 hours.Tip onto a lightly floured surface and gently knock-back, folding repeatedly and then stretching and wrapping like a swiss roll to introduce tension. Further prove in a well-floured banneton (seam side up) until it has filled the basket and is resistive enough to be tipped out! Score to your chosen pattern.

I bake in cast iron casserole dish. 225 deg C 20 minutes with lid on, 200 deg C 20 minutes with lid off. (Lifted in on a piece of greaseproof paper.)

Resist slicing until it has cooled!!